For applicants

Further important information about our school

Are you thinking about signing your children up for Přírodní škola? Maybe you like many of the things we do, but there are some important, maybe even problematic, things you might want to consider.


  • Your child will spend six weeks out of the home. School trips are mandatory and no one can be excused from them.
  • Many of the trips are physically exhausting. We travel with backpacks filled with full gear on our backs for 20 kilometers a day on the adaptation course at the beginning of every school year. The level of physical demands on other school trips is often similar.
  • Swimming every week is also a mandatory part of our school week.
  • The “nature” in the name of our school does not mean free. Even though students have many opportunities to democratically alter many things at our school, we demand discipline, good and timely fulfillment of responsibilities, and respect for the values of the school community.
  • Studying at our school is very time-consuming and, for some, it may be difficult to maintain their hobbies - sport or art-related. They are often tempted by the broad palette of school activities that they show an interest in - often despite the wishes of their parents - to give them up.
  • Studying demands, even from the youngest, a lot of responsibility and independence, but also a desire and willingness to devote their strength and time to creating joint projects and activities. It is not a school for solitaires or kids that are not active on their own.
  • Learning requirements are at the same level as in other schools. We do not want kids to be just independent young people, who know how to work in a team and can face the challenges they will have to face in their lives. We also want them to be people with adequate knowledge and who know how to use it. They have to be willing to clench their teeth and try.