Our school week

Each school day begins at 7:50 with a 15-minute gathering of all students and teachers. Apart from its social function, it also serves as an information forum. Every week there is a volunteer that helps to keep the school running smoothly, called the dispatcher. He gathers and presents all the important information and oversees the weekly cleaning duty, which is tasked with keeping the school clean and convening joint meetings.

Every Wednesday is a project day. We begin with a swimming lesson attended by all grades. After that, we work on the projects, either each grade separately or the whole school together. Once a week after school, a learning club takes place, where students can take missed exams, take oral exams or consult school duties with teachers. From time to time, there is a voluntary school event, such as a traditional fifty-kilometer march from Prague to Prčice, a water battle on Petřín hillside, or a visit to a congregate-care facility in Pyšely, where students organize programs for the kids.