School projects

Students can participate in many school projects throughout the year. We try to diversify everyday teaching with project Wednesdays. On this day of the week, students do not sit at school desks, but instead attend excursions, do science practice, or organize programs for each other. We think that practical schooling is just as important as theoretical and we go on school trips as much as we can. Students usually spend 6-8 weeks learning in nature. As part of our efforts to achieve student independence, we teach students how to start a fire, for example, or how to build a shelter in nature.

On other school trips, students can create their own art projects, such as a theater play or a short film, that are later presented to parents and the public. Some of them are available with English subtitles in our archive.

All outputs from our research as well as artistic projects from the last couple of years can be found in the school archive.