Student council

Each class is divided into several smaller groups at the beginning of the year. These groups, circles, as we call them, choose their captain on the introductory trip, who then sits on the student council. The elected representatives then vote on the place of the chairman and vice-chairman of the board. He can select his secretary, who is in charge of the notation of the meetings, and the trustee of the cash register. The student council meets every week for one of the breaks and, in addition to the permanent agenda, such as the evaluation of the dispatcher of the week or the planning of student project days, discusses the proposals that the representatives collect from the members of their circles. The council meetings take place even on school trips, where they evaluate the course of the trip. Students can also discuss their opinions, requests, and comments with the teachers themselves, who have a very open relationship with the pupils.


What is the Student Council?

The Student Council is a body that represents the interests of students and participates in the life of the school, its planning, organization, and evaluation. The Student Council focuses on protecting and promoting students and their rights. It deals with issues that affect the lives and education of students, whether it be matters at school, access to education, or individual problems.


What is the purpose of the Student Council?

The purpose of the Student Council is to:

  • Collaborate on the annual plan (e.g. summer camp)
  • Solve operational problems and create a discussion environment with teachers and other partners (joint councils)
  • Organize events such as parties, Evaluation Forums, or student, teacher, and event elective days - providing feedback, praise, and reprimand
  • Cooperate with other student organizations (Czech High School Union, Prague Youth Union)
  • Assist in the operation of the school, including services at school, on trips, and in the dispatch office


How are the members of the Student Council elected?

The members of the Student Council are the captains of the individual circles. Each class is divided into approximately 5 circles, which are groups of about five students who collaborate on projects at school. Each circle elects its captain by secret ballot for a period of one year. The captain must organize his circle, whether it be working on projects or communicating with teachers, for example during joint testing. The Student Council meets at least once a week, and usually twice on trips. The rules of procedure and structure are detailed in the Student Council's Rules of Procedure. The captains elect a Student Council President from among themselves for a period of one year. In the school year 2023/2024, this position is held by Adam Novák, the vice-president is Šimon Petrov, the secretary is Anna Gerová, the treasurer is František Prokop, and the spokesperson is Josef Arnot.


What is the influence of the Student Council on the school?

At our school, the Student Council has a relatively large influence. Students can communicate with teachers and participate in decision-making. Therefore, students and representatives of the Student Council participate in teacher meetings and retreats, or invite teachers to their meetings. At least twice a year, there is a joint meeting of the Student Council and the teaching staff. Even with more complex topics, we try to open up a discussion, even if we don't always succeed.


How can students communicate with the members of the Student Council?

Students can come to the Student Council meeting or write to They can also write suggestions for the meeting on the Student Council's notice board at school.


What topics does the Student Council deal with?

The Student Council deals with everything that is important at the moment. In the school year 2023/2024, we have set the following main topics:

  • Building a school (inter-class) community in the form of renewing trips: We want to create more opportunities for students to get involved in the life of the school and to get to know each other across classes. One of the ideas is to introduce elective days and expand joint trips. I believe that it is important for our inter-class relationships to work even better.
  • Cooperation with related organizations: We recommend establishing cooperation with other organizations to expand our opportunities and experiences. We would like to create a joint council of student councils of other grammar schools.
  • Improving and more efficient use of our school space: We believe that the school space can be used much more purposefully, and therefore we are working on various ideas such as better bicycle storage or adding a ping pong table.
  • Eco-team: The group deals with the analysis and regulation of our school's carbon footprint and also organizes events such as clothing swaps or lectures on ecology.
  • Mobile phone rules for seniors: This is a proposal for rules on the use of mobile phones in order to create a better environment for students. One-day events - elective days: We want to create various one-day elective events that will be fun for all students. We are now waiting for the approval of dates and locations by the teaching staff. Senate: This project concerns the student senate, which could serve as a successor to the ethics committee for solving student problems. Credits - electronization: We are working on a more efficient implementation of the credit system so that it can be used more easily. Profile subjects in sexta: These are elective subjects for the 6th and 7th grades that will allow students to choose individually according to their interests and future study focus. This list of Student Council topics is constantly growing. In the past, we have advocated for example for a change in the organization of trips or rules for outdoor education or for adjustments in the school environment.